Heat and Ice Therapy in North Charleston, SC
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Heat and Ice Therapy in North Charleston, SC

Cold Therapy Vs. Heat Therapy

Heat and Ice Therapy in North Charleston, SC: Our doctors utilize heat and ice therapy in all 3 of our locations. Many of our patients ask us when they should put ice and heat on different injuries. As a general rule of thumb, heat should never be applied to the body immediately following an injury.

Immediately following an injury and up to 48 hours thereafter, ice is the most appropriate and effective method to slow down blood flowing into an injured area and reducing the amount of blood pooling (swelling) into the area. Ice is best for acute pain caused by recent injuries.  Acute injuries typically are red, inflamed and very sensitive.  Ice helps to reduce the inflamed areas and acts as a numbing agent to relive the pain.

Heat therapy is used later on in the healing process as well as for those with chronic pain. Heat will increase the blood volume in the area providing pain relieving properties as well as vitamins and minerals that help the damaged tissue.

Heat and Ice Therapy Combined with Electrical Muscle Stimulation

We often combine hot and cold therapy with electrical muscle stimulation because it is extremely effective for pain alleviation and injury recovery. The combination of therapies generates stimulation of blood flow by drawing blood into a swollen and painful area with heat and driving out the blood with ice pack application and nerve pain sedation with electrotherapy.

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